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What You Will Learn During This Free Online Workshop:
Secret #1
How To Attract and Work EXCLUSIVELY With Property Owners Who Will Sell You Their Property At A Discount.
(Learn how to immediately identify unmotivated and time-wasting tire-kickers and boot them out before they steal your time.)
Secret #2
Super Simple Conversion Secrets. Learn The Idiot-Proof Deal Driver Framework That Gets Sellers To Do Business With You, And Only YOU... so that you can focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again.
Secret #3
The ROI Maximizer: How To Squeeze The Highest And Best Profit Out Of Every Deal... While Your Competition Scratches Their Head. (Your sellers will GIVE you their equity because of the peace of mind your NEW "creative tool box" gives them.)

About Your Host

Matt Theriault’s “Attract, Convert, and Exit” system for aspiring real estate investors is legendary. He shows frustrated and unfulfilled investors how to scale their business to seven figures and beyond.
Since 2003, Matt has been the go-to teacher for aspiring investors who want the financial independence real estate promises. Matt works with committed people who understand "escaping the rat race" is a viable option and not a pipe dream. His signature models are built around automating systems for attracting motivated sellers, converting them to contracts, and closing them to create passive income. He’s on a mission to squash the antiquated investment strategies of work, save, sacrifice... and replace them with live NOW.

“Real estate is the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating Epic wealth.”
Matt Theriault
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